Jaga Compact Radiators

Jaga radiators are a high quality brand and a perfect fit for your installation requirements in terms of quality and price

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Originally founded in Belgium 50 years ago and established in the UK since 1991, Jaga offers award winning radiators which benefit from energy saving efficiency with low water content.

The company’s products include LST (low surface temperature) radiators, which are specially designed for use with heat pumps, fan assisted dynamic heating and ventilation systems, trench and perimeter heating solutions and eye-catching designer radiators.

The Jaga range offers an ideal solution for new building projects or refurbishment projects and lend themselves perfectly for applications such as work at homes, offices, hotels, residential healthcare and sheltered housing, hospitals, public buildings, schools and colleges and educational building projects. In essence, Jaga radiators are suitable for most heating applications.

Unique Technology

Many Jaga products are based on our unique Low-H2O technology. Low-H2O means “low mass, low water content” Jaga radiators heat a room far quicker than other radiators, maintaining an accurate and constant temperature, which as a result, reduces energy consumption. This is achieved by a system known as Low-H2O technology, which means “low mass low water content”.

The radiators work with all modern boiler types and have been designed specifically to work effectively with heat pumps or other low temperature heating systems too.

The Gas Centre Limited offers Jaga radiators ex-stock from our service counter and our highly trained experts will be happy to discuss your requirement s with you and provide you with the best option for your installation project.