Magnaclean Water Treatment

Magnaclean products set industry standards for protection of central heating systems. The Gas Centre Ltd stocks Magnalcean products

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A new central heating system is potentially an expensive investment in any home or business. Any build-up of unwanted material in the system can at the very least, impact on efficiency and in the worst case, damage the system.

Fortunately, Magnaclean offers a wide range of water treatment products to keep your system clean which will not only maintain efficiency but also prolong the life. At the Gas Centre Limited we are pleased to stock Magnaclean products which are available immediately for supply from our trade counters at both Solihull and Stratford upon Avon.

Popular Magnaclean Products

  • Magneaclean Professional magnetic and non-magnetic filter
  • Magnaclean Professional 2 – an improved push fit version
  • Magnaclean Micro – protection in domestic systems from iron oxide deposits
  • Magnaclean Twin Tech – twin protection
  • Magnaclean RapidFlush Filter
  • Magaclean Cleanse- rapid system flushing

The above is only a selection of a huge range of products available to you at highly competitive prices.

With such a large range of water treatment products at your disposal, our highly trained staff are always on hand to discuss your requirement s with you and provide you with the best water treatment solutions dependent on your particular needs.