Maincor Underfloor Heating

Maincor specialise in innovative plumbing systems with underfloor heating systems being one of their core products. We offer Maincor underfloor heating systems from stock

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Maincor is a German owned company with offices right across Europe. The UK business offers high quality and innovative underfloor heating systems uses 16mm and 20mm pipework with a range of manifolds and control systems to choose from.

Buying a Maincor Underfloor Heating System

Maincor mainly utilises multilayer composite pipe (MLCP) although PEX and PE-RT is also available as part of their product offering. The system is suitable for installation in new builds and renovation projects and even in conservatories. The system can be installed in three separate scenarios -on a solid floor, a suspended floor or a floating floor. The company also offers a single area pack which is an ideal product for smaller installs such as conservatory areas.

Why choose underfloor heating?

  • Comfort – underfloor heating provides uniformity and services the body’s natural requirements for warm feet and a cool head
  • Aesthetics -no radiators, no exposed pipework
  • Safety & Health – the system is beneficial to asthmatics due to slow moving air particles. There is no risk of burns from pipework and floors dry quickly after cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly – efficient heating systems with low CO2 emissions

The Gas Centre Limited stocks Maincor underfloor heating and can also offer all the accessories required to make a complete installation including manifolds and control systems too.