Mira Electric Showers

Mira is the UK’s #1 leading brand and supplies an extensive range of electric showers to suit all tastes

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Mira is a name which needs little introduction. As the leading manufacturer of electric showers in the UK, they offer a huge range of products to cater for all eventualities.

Starting life in 1921, Mira has been manufacturing high quality products for decades and is a household name in the industry. The Gas Centre Limited recognises this which is why we stock a vast range of Mira showers ready for immediate supply to you.

As an approved Mira stockist, we offer you high quality products at extremely competitive prices. Our Mira electric showers are available for immediate supply from our showrooms at Solihull and Stratford upon Avon.

Options include a power range from 7.5 – 10.8 kW with or without thermostatic control. The range also comes with a n umber of approvals including WRAS, RNIB and KIWA.

Why choose an Electric Shower?

Electric showers are ideal in households where hot water is limited, especially in family homes where everyone is using up the same supply. With electric showers, the hot water supply is not used at all – instead, water is passed over a heating element (similar infact to the process of boiling a kettle) so that hot water is provided on demand at any time of the day.