Portway Wood Burners

One of the oldest wood burning stove manufacturers in the UK, Portway offers high efficiency wood burners and stoves which the Gas Centre Ltd can offer ex stock

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With an efficiency rating of 80%, Portway Wood Burning Stoves are amongst the most efficient in the UK.

Beginning life in 1800’s, the company has continued to innovate and manufacturer high quality wood burners. They pride themselves on proving products which burn extremely slowly whilst extracting the maximum amount of heat from the fuel.

Multi Fuel Wood Burners

Portway’s Multi Fuel Wood Burners are capable of burning a wide range of both natural and manufactured fuels. Wood is the obvious choice as a carbon neutral material but the burner can also use peat, straw, sawdust briquettes, anthracite, lignite and the majority of natural and manufactured mineral based fuels.

The stoves are 96% recyclable too with the cast iron parts being manufactured and case from 70% recyclable iron. All the Portway stoves carry independent CE testing approval to EN13240. The stoves are also approved for use in smoke free zones as long as smoke free fuels are used (such as anthracite).

Our highly trained staff will be happy to discuss your requirement s with you and provide you with the best Portway Wood Burning solution dependent on your particular requirements.