Stelflow Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Manufactured from the highest quality Duplex stainless steel, RM Stelflow Unvented Water Cylinders offers the highest possible quality and performance

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RM is a relatively new company who have been very successful in manufacturing and supplying market leading water cylinders to the commercial and domestic marketplace. With extensive experience in design and manufacture, the company boasts a design and manufacturing team which is quality focussed and all products are made within the UK.

RM offers three product types:

Vented Products

Custom made units have traditionally been manufactured from copper. RM offer range of Aquastel cylinders which are direct replacements for traditional units manufactured from high quality stainless steel

Unvented Products

Stelflow is the brand name for RM’s range of unvented cylinders. Using the highest quality materials in the manufacturing process (duplex stainless steel), the Stelflow range is an ideal choice when you are looking to replace or upgrade your existing hot water cylinder.

Homeflow Products

Designed specifically for the house building market, the cylinders are designed to meet the needs of modern housing and can even be pre-plumbed which offers quick and easy installation. At the Gas Centre Ltd, our highly trained experts will be happy to discuss your requirement s with you and provide you with the best option for your installation project.